Thursday, 21 October 2010

Team Cash 4 Life Has New Programs!

Team Cash 4 life has just got even better! They've now added two brand new programs - My Little Savings version 1 and the new version 2. If you join through Team Cash 4 Life, they give you 5 paid sign ups in both programs!

My Little Savings version 1 uses a 3 by 6 forced matrix, which means you earn money both from your own downline and from spillover. You can earn over $1000 every month with My Little Savings, all just for the small cost of $5.95 a month!

One of the best things about My Little Savings though, is that when you join their first program, version 1, you get a 50% discount off membership in their second program, My Little Savings version 2. This makes it only $5.99 a month, so joining both programs only costs you $11.94 a month, not much to spend when you think you could be making over $2000 every month!

This second program uses a different system for referrals, a 2 referral pass up system. You're second and fourth referral are passed up to your own sponsor, but fear not, your own referrals pass up their referrals to you! This means that you never stop getting referrals and, when you're earning $4 every month per referral, your earnings are infinite!

Team Cash 4 Life will make sure you earn at both programs by giving you 5 paid sign ups in each. All you need to do is join up to the Team here -

Then, you'll be sent more information about the programs and can join up through the Team.

The Team also has two other ways of earning you money too - the programs Rolution and Freebies n Cash. You get 5 paid sign ups in these programs too and this can mean you potentially earn over $10,000 every month!

It's completely free to join Team Cash 4 Life, so why not check it out now -

Friday, 6 August 2010

Team Ca$h 4 Life - A Great Team Builder!

I think team builders are brilliant way to finally be successful at making money money online. I've joined a number and even decided to create my own team builder!

It's called Team Ca$h 4 Life and I initially set it up to help people build their downlines in Freebies n Cash. We've now added a second income stream, called Rolution. This means our members can earn two different ways, for no extra effort!

I've also set up a website for our Team -

If you join Freebies n Cash or Rolution through our Team, we give you 5 paid sign ups! All you need to do is to help advertise our team. That's it and you could be earning over $7,000 a month!

By working together as a Team, the work is spread out to all members so each can do their part in a short amount of time. It's all about team work - everyone in the Team helping everyone to succeed. No one gets left behind. Our Team's success is dependent on the success of every member in the Team.

We're FREE to join, so why not check us out?

Monday, 31 May 2010

Team Atlantis Just Got Even Better!

I knew as soon as I joined Team Atlantis I had a chosen the best team in the biz. The admin is superb, the member's are brilliant and you see the Team advertised everywhere!

If you're not familiar with Team Atlantis, it's a team builder for Traffic Wave. Traffic Wave is a brilliant autoresponder with lots of great tools to help you market online. It also has a fantastic affiliate scheme, which Team Atlantis will build for you. Team Atlantis guarantees all active members of the Team 10 sign ups at Traffic Wave, earning you an awful lot of extra money, every month!

But Team Atlantis just got even better! The admin is always coming up with new ideas to make the team even more brilliant and today she came up with an absolutely superb idea! Now, you won't have to wait for everyone above you to get their 10 sign ups. Nope, not any more, now YOUR turn will come much sooner!

There is now multiple "steps" for receiving your 10 sign ups. The first step is receiving 3 sign ups, then, when you have those, you're in line to getting another 2, then another 5! Then, and this is the best bit, if (though it's rare) any of your signups have dropped out, you can make them up now! Ensuring your get your full 10 traffic wave sign ups and your residual income online!

What do I have to do? You may be asking this, but really, there's nothing to it. To receive your 10 sign ups all you need to do is join Traffic Wave here, upgrade your account and then help advertise the Team. That really is it!

You can find out more about Team Atlantis here.

Oh and did I mention, you can get a 30 day free trial at Traffic Wave? Though the sooner you upgrade the sooner you'll be getting those sign ups!

Now, with this hot news, just off the press (well email), people will be flocking to the Team and joining up! Make sure you get there before them by signing up now!