Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Great New Money Making Opportunity - Freebies and Cash!

Well, this month a brand new program has launched on Saturday (7th November) which I think is going to be big, very big!

In fact, it really could be THE program to help you to earn a residual income online and I bet we could all do with that – especially so near Christmas!

If you want to get in early and get all the benefits that early members do, you can join this great opportunity by clicking here.

It’s called Freebies and Cash and, as the name suggests, it’s about people getting freebies and making cash! Sounds good right?

Well, it gets even better! For a start it’s owned and run by Valerie Underhill, the lady behind all the Pond programs like Marketing Pond and Viral Pond.

Secondly, you earn $1 every month for every member in your downline, whether you referred them directly or not! Plus, there is no minimum requirement to start earning!

You also get paid an extra $5 when anyone you directly refer first upgrades their account!

As Freebies and Cash uses a forced matrix, there is a good chance of getting spillover, which means even more money! In fact, as the site is very new, spillover is even more likely, as if you act quick you can get a high up spot on the matrix.

You’re even allowed to join more than once and have multiple matrices! (You would have to pay again though and use another email address). I’ve done this and I joined under myself – so any new referrals I get will be counted twice!

As well as having the chance to earn money, you also have access to loads of the best freebies on the net! Freebies are listed to members and they range from free shampoo to free software!

So, you might be asking, how much does all this cost? Well, it’s one of the cheapest sites I’ve seen! It only costs $8.97 a month, which means you only need 9 people in your downline (whether you directly referred them or not) to make a profit! That’s not to mention all the money you can potentially save with the freebies!

Freebies and Cash has a free 1 day membership scheme too, so you can join up completely free, test out the site and see what you think. If you upgrade, you get your place on the matrix and full access to the site. If you decide it’s not for you, your account is automatically deleted after 1 day, so it really is a hassle free trial!

The site uses Alert Pay as the payment processor, which works similarly to paypal. If you’re not a member of Alert Pay, you can sign up for free here.

I know it probably sounds like I’m trying to sell it and I suppose in a way I am!

I really do believe that if you act quickly with this program, you can be on your way to earning a substantial amount of money online. I believe this for two reasons which are:

1) The forced matrix – because the site is new, if you join soon you will get a good position in the matrix. This means you have a lot more chance of getting spillover, which means even more money!

2) Not many people know about it yet – again, because the site is new, it’s not yet hit the masses, so if you get promoting it soon, you will be much more likely to get referrals.

So I really recommend you check out Freebies and Cash and get your free trail! Remember, the sooner you upgrade, the higher your place will be on that all important forced matrix!

Don’t forget that the owner, Valerie Underhill, has a lot of experience in money making schemes, she knows what works and what doesn’t. Also, in the two and a half years I’ve been a member of her site Marketing Pond, she has always shown herself to be honest, fair and genuinely wanting to help people make some extra money online.

So why not start earning your own residual income online and join this great new opportunity for free now! You can sign-up for free now by clicking here.

Don’t delay – join Freebies and Cash today!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Beware of bidvertiser!

Update - Bidvertiser seems to have sorted themselves out now, so I'm giving them another chance - but I'm keeping an eye on them! End Update.

There's this site called bidvertiser that supposedly pays people for placing ads on their websites, when people click through to the advert. It's a money making type site that many people use, but I thought I'd better share my experience of them and please be very wary - it could happen to you too!

I'm sooo appalled by them and I feel very exploited and have pretty much been treated with nothing but contempt by them!

Basically, I've been a member of them for many months now and have been displaying their ads on my website ever since. I regularly check my account and for months now, I have not earned more than 25 cents! Thinking there was a problem, I emailed them this weekend and today they emailed me back to say that my account has been terminated! That's it - nothing else, no hint on my accounts section of their website at all, no idea why it's been cancelled except apparently there were "invalid" clicks.

In fact they're more than happy to still be displaying their ads on my site - they were just never gonna pay me for it and never even told me! Not until I contacted them.

I'm sorry if some of you have been okay with bidvertiser, but cancelling my account is one thing, NOT TELLING ME they had done and still using my adspace is just plain dispicable of them. So anyone who had bidvertiser on their site - beware!

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Web Prosperity Turns Out To be a Bogus Program!

After all the hype over Web Prosperity, it turns out to be a pretty bogus program after all. I won't go as far as calling it a scam site, as the people who do it might actually get paid, but it certainly didn't do what it promised!

The point of web prosperity was that you have access to loads of great tools, except these tools are very far from great! They're pretty much non-existent in fact! So you may still make money out of it from the matrix, but it's run by a bunch of liars!!

One clear example of this is that during the pre-launch the site stated that elite members would have access to an unlimited amount of auto-responders. What happened is that now elite members have only 10! And it's not at all clear how many of those 10 aren't already pre-set to only advertise web prosperity!

Anyway, I would really recommend anyone who joined this program to quit now - get your money back if you paid anything and leave this site well alone!!!

Simply put - it really was too good to be true!

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Update on Web Prosperity - You don't want to miss this!

Web Prosperity is the new internet program that's taking the internet by storm! Thousands of people are joining every day and I really can't stress enough how important it is to get involved now!

If you want to start earning a decent residual income online, then this site is perfect for you! Better yet - it's completely free to join until 13th January, 5pm GMT!

Web Prosperity looks like it's set to become THE money making program of 2009! The site will really help you build up a residual income online. Not only will you get paid for all your referrals, but you can also use the great marketing tools to build up your online business! This means you have the potential to get more referrals to your online programs and everyone knows, more referrals means more money!

The earning potential of this site is enormous, but you must act NOW!

The site was going to launch on Tuesday 6th January, but it's been so popular that they've extended the free pre-launch.

That means that if you sign up before the 13th January at 5 pm GMT, then you can sign up for free! You then have until the 30th January to upgrade in the site.

So I really recommend that you join NOW! You can join for free and start building up your downline straight away!

You can join here - Web Prosperity.

If you want to find out more, then you can read my last blog post or visit this site - More Information.

I wouldn't wait to see what happens with this one, with over 60,000 members just since Christmas - it's going to be big! You can also join now for free, so why not give it a go?

Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year Everyone!

On Sunday I came across a great new opportunity for making money on the internet which I'd like to share with everyone! It's a site called Web Prosperity and it is currently in pre launch, so it's currently completely free to join at the moment!

The idea behind web prosperity is two fold - firstly by being a member you get access to lots of great internet marketing tools like autoresponders and conference facilities. Secondly, you earn money from your referrals through a 2 by 15 forced matrix. A forced matrix means that you can get "spillover" referrals from your upline sponsors too!

So what better way to welcome in the New Year than by joining this great new internet opportunity! It's been dubbed as the next big thing on the net and it will be launching properly in less than a week!

I know that many programs are seen as the next big thing and simply crash and burn, but I think this site will be different because:

1) It's completely risk free as it costs nothing to join during the pre launch.

2)The program will provide valuable tools for any web marketer

3) Thousands of people have already joined and the site's only been around for a week!

4) NOW is a great time to get involved! As the matrix is a forced matrix, the sooner you secure your position, the more spillover you can potentially get! Also, it's much easier to build up a downline in a new program.

There will be a charge involved when the program becomes fully functional, but you only need a few active referralas to cover the cost. So you can build up your downline now, whilst it's completely free to join.

There will also be a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can also try out the site first.

So I really recommend checking out this great new opportunity and don't forget, if you join now it's completely risk free! You have nothing to lose!

If you'd like to know more, you can check out this link - http://www.viralpond.com/mini9.cgi/378.

Don't let this great opportunity pass you by - join now for free!