Sunday, 28 September 2008

Get Free Products and Earn a Residual Income

As the aim of this blog is to show people how they can earn money online, I'd like to tell you about this brilliant site called Freebie Force.

Freebie Force has two main ways of benefiting it's members. Firstly, it gives you links to all the best freebies on the net, from free jewellery to free coffee, free holidays to free laptops and even free pet food!

Secondly, it pays you $1 per active referral, per month. So if you refer 20 people a month, that's $20 you will receive, every month!

If you want to quickly learn more about Freebie Force you can view the free tour by clicking here.

There is a small fee for members of $9.95 a month, but simply by having 10 referrals you will have made a profit. That's not to mention all the freebies you will now have access to!

However, I want you to remember that there is no risk involved. This is because:

1)After enrolling, you can get products free immediately which are worth far more than the $9.95 you paid.

2)There is a full three day refund policy, where if you cancel within three days of joining, you get a full refund. You can also cancel your account anytime you choose.

So how do you benefit from this site?
Well you really can make growing residual income for less than a ten dollar bill and receive thousands of dollars in freebies.

Freebies are added on a daily basis. You simply log into your member area at your leisure and choose the products you want, any time you want.

When you become a member, you are placed in a 5 x 7 forced matrix. (this means you can have 5 people on your first level, 5 x 5 on your second, 5 x 5 x 5 on your third and so forth, down 6 levels!). You will receive $1 every month for every member in your organisation and you will be paid every month if you have accumulated a minimum of $15. This can actually add up to a very large income, as a full matrix holds over 97,000 members. In essence, the possibility of making over $97,000 per month is there.

This is an international opportunity. Pretty much anyone can join no matter where they live.

You can also get freebies without being a member! The company has a toolbar that anyone can download for free. To receive it, just view the free freebie force tour by clicking here.

The toolbar will display one freebie a week even if you’re not a member! Of course, being a member is far better because you can get thousands of dollars in products for free.

The owners of the company are Seth Fraser and Ryan Wright. Mr Fraser wrote a very popular book 'The Legal Thief'. The book explains how people really can get loads of products for free. In fact, he has two cars and three motorcycles that he got for free. From small items to very large items, there are loads of products people can get for free if they just knew about it.

So, for less than the price of a pizza, you can be a part of a risk free opportunity. You really can have your cake and eat it!

So take the free tour today by clicking here and see how you can get started immediately.

In the next few weeks, freebie force will be getting even better! They will be introducing many new great features and even more ways to get freebies! This means now is a great time to join, so get in before everyone beats you to it!

If you really want to make a residual income with freebie force, the site viral pond will help you maximise your earnings. At Viral Pond you will find lots of free resources and guides to show you how to build your organisation into an ever growing residual income. Viral pond is completely free and will show you how and where to get free webspace, how to create free splash pages and how and where to advertise.

So, start making your residual income today with freebie force and learn how to maximise your earnings with viral pond. Dson't put it off, start today for free!

Friday, 26 September 2008

Viral Pond

I'd like to take this chance to tell you about a really great program I've found for making money online. It’s called Viral Pond and it shows people how they can make a residual income online. It’s owned by Valerie Underhill who also owns marketing pond, a very popular downline building program. Valerie has been working online about ten years and has lots of experience in making residual income online. She's now helping people to create their own residual income online.

Viral Pond is a fantastic program which will help you learn all about making an extra income online. There is a great forum where you can ask any questions and share your own experiences.

You can join for free and discover what it's all about.

Viral Pond takes you by the hand and walks you through, step by step, on how you can make an ongoing residual income online.

Viral Pond is completely free to join, though there is an upgrade option, which you can choose later for a small, one off fee.

As a free member you still get many benefist including:
*Replicated website
*Double residual programs page with your ids inserted
*Your own Member area
*Splash pages
*Promotional banners
*Message board access
*Direct affiliate commissions 20%

However, as an upgraded member you can access even more resources and tutorials. Upgraded memeber benefits also include:
*Replicated website
*Double residual programs page with your ids inserted
*Your own Member area
*Splash pages
*Mini sites
*Promotional banners
*Message board access
*Direct affiliate commissions 40%
*Email your direct downline feature
*Viral resources
*Viral report
*Viral step by step walk thru instructions
*All future implementations

Viral Pond also focuses on two programs that will help you earn your residual income online. They give you the potential of earning a 6 figure income. Both companies pay you $1 per referral per month and have many other benefits too! So, with $1 per referral per month, that can soon add up!

One of the companies, called GDI, has been online for almost six years and it is international. It provides users with a free website and other online hosting features.

The second company, freebie force, has been online over a year and officially launched on the 29th January. It lists all the best freebies on the internet, from free jewellery to free holidays!

These companies do charge a small monthly fee, but to be a member of BOTH companies is less than what you would shell out for a family pizza each month.

So you can get started free today with a program that has a very experienced owner. You'll get step by step instructions and loads of help to build two legitimate online incomes.

So to find your solution to making residual income online all you need to do, is take the first step with Viral Pond

Get started free today.

Introduction to the Blog

I've set up this blog to work in accordance with my website, money making methods. My website is all about ways you can make money on the internet, all of which are completely free! There's lots of great tips and information on how to make money online for free. This blog is designed to provide extra information on the programs listed, important annoucements and general updates.

Anyway, a bit about me! My name is Laura and I'm 24 years old. I live in the UK, in the North West of England. I've just finished an MSc in environmental sciences and am currently looking for jobs in this field.

I like most things, from reading and walking, to playing computer games and watching tv. I like photography and arts and crafts, particulary candle making. I've set up a website about candle making, though it is still in it's infancy!

Anyway I'd love to know what you think about my two websites, one on how to make money online for free and one on candle making.

Thanks for reading my blog!