Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Beware of bidvertiser!

Update - Bidvertiser seems to have sorted themselves out now, so I'm giving them another chance - but I'm keeping an eye on them! End Update.

There's this site called bidvertiser that supposedly pays people for placing ads on their websites, when people click through to the advert. It's a money making type site that many people use, but I thought I'd better share my experience of them and please be very wary - it could happen to you too!

I'm sooo appalled by them and I feel very exploited and have pretty much been treated with nothing but contempt by them!

Basically, I've been a member of them for many months now and have been displaying their ads on my website ever since. I regularly check my account and for months now, I have not earned more than 25 cents! Thinking there was a problem, I emailed them this weekend and today they emailed me back to say that my account has been terminated! That's it - nothing else, no hint on my accounts section of their website at all, no idea why it's been cancelled except apparently there were "invalid" clicks.

In fact they're more than happy to still be displaying their ads on my site - they were just never gonna pay me for it and never even told me! Not until I contacted them.

I'm sorry if some of you have been okay with bidvertiser, but cancelling my account is one thing, NOT TELLING ME they had done and still using my adspace is just plain dispicable of them. So anyone who had bidvertiser on their site - beware!