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Set 2010 Off With a Bang!

Happy New Year!

Well, this is my first blog post of 2010 – and the decade!

I wish all my readers the best for 2010 and I hope that you all had a great New Year's Eve and a fantastic Christmas too! I had a great Christmas and enjoyed all the snow we’ve been having the last few weeks.

We’ve now begun a brand new decade and what better way to start the New Year in than making even more money online. What with everyone making New Year’s resolutions and looking to the future, now is a great time to get started, get organised and get all those things you’ve been meaning to do, done! Many people see the new year as a chance to make a fresh start and to start new things, so people are a lot more open to joining sites which will help them earn more money and enjoy the year ahead.

So why not start 2010 off with a bang and check out my top sites and tips below!

Top Sites
The first site is a site I have mentioned many times before and it really does deserve another mention now. It’s called Marketing Pond and it is completely free to join!

Now Marketing Pond is probably my favourite money making site (after my own of course - Money Making Methods ;-) ) as it’s really packed full of great programs to help you earn money online and most of them are completely free to join! New programs get added often, so why not take a moment and check it out – see what great new sites you can join to start this New Year off with a bang!

Marketing Pond is a great program not only for telling you about all the best online money making sites, but also for helping you build up your referrals in these programs. When you join the programs listed in Marketing Pond, you can add your referral links to it. Anyone you then refer to Marketing Pond will have access to your referral links for all the sites you’ve joined. If they join up to the sites through Marketing Pond they become YOUR referrals – simple as that! That means you simply need to advertise Marketing Pond and you can potentially get referrals for all the programs within it!

This type of site is called a downline builder as it helps you build up your downline in the sites it lists. A downline is basically anyone you refer, together with anyone they refer, anyone their referrals refer, anyone their referrals refer and so on and so forth. Downline builders really will save you time and help you make more money, as more referrals = more money! Have a look here - Marketing Pond

Another great program, which works just like Marketing Pond, is Viral Pond. It’s run by the same lady, Valerie Underhill, and it focuses on more high paying sites – though it lists loads of free sites too.

Viral Pond is also a great way to learn more about how you can maximise your online earnings – there’s loads of cool resources to help you build up your downlines and a great forum offering help and advice. If you upgrade at Viral Pond, you also get loads of great tutorials to really help you make the most of your time online and earn even more money! It’s completely free to join and you can check it out here - Viral Pond.

You can upgrade at Marketing Pond too, which also gives you more resources to use – so together they really are a great way to get started or learn more about money making methods! The owner, Valerie Underhill, truly is an expert in the world of online money making and I have learnt an awful lot from her.

There have recently been a few new editions to the “Pond” network – namely Freebies and Cash and Advert Pond! Both are owned and operated by Marketing Pond’s very own Valerie Underhill and are set to be two of the best money making programs of the decade!

Freebies and Cash is a great site because it gives you the chance to earn a residual income online, as well as telling you all about the best freebies on the net! So you can earn money and save money too! Why not take a look here - Freebies and Cash

If you join and upgrade your account, you get access to an exclusive forum which lists all the best free stuff on the net. You also get your very own blog, which can be both fun and a great way to advertise your sites.

Freebies and Cash also pays you $5 every time someone you refer upgrades their account AND $1 every month for everyone in your downline – that’s people you have referred, anyone they refer, anyone their referrals refer down many referral levels AND anyone you get from spillover. That’s potentially a huge downline and the sooner you join, the higher up you will be on the earnings matrix – that means even more chances of getting spillover! Another great thing about this site is that you can join more than once, so you can potentially earn twice as much! I joined under myself, so any referrals I get now will double my monthly income!

Freebies and Cash is the one exception of a site which I love and isn’t free to join. That’s because what you get is more than worth the cost and you really do have the chance to earn big with this one! It’s a very reasonably priced site, costing just under $9 a month. That means you only need to refer 2 people a month and you have covered more than your membership costs! It also means you only need 9 people in your downline and every month you will make a profit! And don’t forget, that’s people you refer, people your referrals refer, anyone they refer AND anyone you get from spillover! You can even use your earnings to pay for your membership cost too – how great is that!

The site is just a couple of months old, so now really is a great time to join – before it hits the masses and you miss out on the best spots in the earnings matrix. Valerie’s got a lot planned for this site, so there’ll be even more great features to come!

So why not check it out now and start this New Year off with a bang with Freebies and Cash.

Top Tips
A great way to advertise Freebies and Cash, or any of your sites, is by using traffic exchanges. These work very simply – you view other people’s sites and in turn they view your sites. I’ve got my very own traffic exchange which is a fantastic way to advertise your sites – though I guess I am a little biased! It’s called Traffic Finches and at the moment anyone who joins and views 100 sites can get a FREE lifetime Gold Upgrade! Now that really is a great way to advertise your sites and you also get free banner and text ads too! You can join Traffic Finches here - Traffic Finches. There's also loads more great traffic exchanges on my website - Money Making Methods.

If you’re wanting to advertise a number of sites, my other site, Traffic Finches Toolbox, will be very useful for you. It’s a FREE banner and site rotator, so you can advertise all your sites and banners with just one URL – that really will save you time when you want to add, edit or remove any of the sites or banners your advertising. So if you list the site rotator URL on several traffic exchanges and want to add another site, you simply need to add it to the rotator at Traffic Finches Toolbox and the new site will automatically now be shown on the other traffic exchanges! The same goes for banners and you can now have multiple banner rotators! There’s even a paid to click and read section, so you can earn money too! You can join Traffic Finches Toolbox here.

The other new “Pond” site, Advert Pond, is another great advertising resource. It’s a Text Ad exchange, which is like a traffic exchange, only rather than viewing other member’s sites directly, you view other member’s text ads and emails. This gives you credits which you use to place your own text ads. It also has its own downline builder and a very worthwhile upgrade option – though you can remain a completely free member. You can check it out here - Advert Pond.

So my top tip for this month, in fact the year and decade, is to check out the sites I’ve mentioned and start advertising your sites. If you advertise downline builders like Marketing Pond, you can potentially get even more sign-ups in the programs they list. Plus, if you’re active at traffic exchanges like Traffic Finches Toolbox, your sites will get seen more and that means more chances of getting referrals!

And don’t forget – more referrals means more money!

I wish you all the best in 2010 and hope it proves to be a very successful and prosperous year for you.

Happy New Year!

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