Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Freebies and Cash - The Next Big Thing AND It's Here To Stay!

Anyone who's been around the world of internet money making for even a few weeks will know that there's always tonnes of sites classed as the next big thing or will make you rich overnight! Many of these programs promise you the sun, moon and stars and it's easy to get swept away by all the hype. But that's all it is, hype, a few weeks or months later and poof - the site's disappeared with your money or is a mere shell of what it promised be.

It's easy to see how all this can make many people wary of internet money making schemes and I certainly don't blame them, but that often means that they miss out when a genuine money making program comes along!

Freebies and Cash is different to all those other internet money making schemes.

It won't go poof overnight and it will be here to stay for a very long time. How can I be so sure? Well, it's an entirely new program, not copying the same old script a lot of scams use. It's not got a long drawn out prelaunch where members have to sit around and wait for access to the features. At Freebies and Cash you get full access to everything as soon as you join and upgrade your account! This means that what Freebies and Cash offers you, you actually get!

The monthly fee of under $9 is very reasonable and what you get is well worth it! It has a well planned 3 by 5 forced matrix which means you have a high chance of getting spillover from your upline. It's also owned and operated by Valerie Underhill, who's shown that she's honest, helpful and knows that works and what doesn't from her successful programs like Marketing Pond and Viral Pond.

So what actually is the site all about? Well, if the name doesn't give the game away, it's basically aimed at providing members with a residual monthly income through their downline and letting them know about all the best freebies online. This doesn't just mean free samples in the mail - you can get free access to expensive software, free upgrades in programs and full access to whatever great new features get implemented at
Freebies and Cash
– and there’s an awful lot of new features on their way!

There’s also many ways to earn, including a monthly commission where you get paid $1 for everyone in your downline, a fast start bonus and even a share of the advertising revenue of the site!

So don't let those other money making programs which are nothing short of useless put you off. Start with something that IS the next big thing AND WILL be here to stay –
Freebies and Cash

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